Express Entry Draw: 11th January 2023 (First Draw of 2023)


The CRS score is again growing up after its last express entry draw #237

#237 Express Entry draw has announced a total of 5,500 Invitations on 11-01-2023. Under this draw, the Canada Express Entry system has sent invitations to apply under FSWP, FSTP and CEC. Due to the NOC update, the Express Entry system has delayed its last draw, which should be announced approx. 7th December (Wednesday) 2022. Also, there were some software-related issues on the government website for uploading documents and other things, which have been discussed over a podcast on Ontario Today.

Express Entry Latest Draw analysis

On the official website, Ministerial Instructions has yet to identify the particular stream; all invitations go under the Canadian Express Entry system. The CRS score of the lowest-ranked candidate is 507, which is increased by 16 points from its last draw on 23rd December 2022. Total invitations have increased by 750 as in the last Express Entry draw; 4,750 ITAs have been sent to people in the express entry pool.

NOC 2021 version 1.0 Updates impact on Canada Express Entry

Some occupations have been removed, and others have been added to the NOC 2021 version. Jobs are grouped into training, education, experience and responsibilities (TEER)categories. The NOC update has focused on many factors, one of that was to target sectors in which Canada is currently experiencing a shortage of skilled labour, such as tech, healthcare and truck drivers.
Occupations that become ineligible after NOC Update:

· other performers;
· program leaders and instructors in recreation, sport and fitness; and
· tailors, dressmakers, furriers and milliners.

16 Occupations become eligible after NOC Update.

Express Entry Eligibility Criteria

To become eligible under Canada Express Entry, you have to create an express entry profile then the system will calculate your CRS. If your CRS is above the score of the lowest-ranked candidate, then you will receive an ITA to apply for Canadian PR. Creating an Express Entry profile does not ensure you will get Canadian PR.

IELTS for Canada Express Entry

Most candidates prefer IELTS as 1st choice and CELPIP as 2nd for express entry, but there are some alternatives to IELTS. The Canadian government requires a CLB(Canadian Language Benchmarks) score to evaluate your profile under Express Entry.

PNP program under Express Entry

Provincial Nominee Program has 2 streams: one through Express Entry (also known as enhanced PNP) and the other through without Express Entry. You can apply through enhanced PNP to get additional 600 points. Some provinces have sent Invitations to people under the Express Entry program.

Immigrate to Manitoba PNP Express Entry stream:

On 15-Dec-2022, Manitoba issued 1,030 invitations under the Skilled Workers Overseas stream, where 656 invitations went to Express Entry candidates. You can get a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) if you meet Express Entry criteria and have an active Express Entry profile. To be nominated as a Canadian Immigrant, you need skills, training, Experience in one of Manitoba's In-Demand Occupations and a strong family connection to the province.

British Columbia PNP Express Entry stream:

On 15-Dec-2022, British Columbia issued 215 invitations through multiple streams where tech occupations were highly prioritized. In this draw, 19 invitations were issued to skilled workers and international graduates under Skilled Worker – EEBC and International Graduate – EEBC, with a minimum score of 60 points. *EEBC - Express Entry British Columbia

Saskatchewan PNP Express Entry stream:

On 15-Dec-2022, Saskatchewan issued 635 Canada immigration invitations, where 348 invitations went to Express Entry candidates with a Minimum score of 82.

Ontario PNP Express Entry stream:

On 28-SEP-2022, Ontario issued 1179 Canada immigration invitations through the province's Express Entry Human Capital Priorities stream with a Minimum CRS point of 496. In this draw, the province was focusing on tech immigrants with the following NOCs:
0213 – Computer and information systems managers
2147 – Computer engineers
2172 – Database analysts and data administrators
2173 – Software engineers and designers
2174 – A computer programmer and interactive media developers
2175 – Web designers and developers

Prince Edward Island PNP Express Entry stream:

On 01-12-22, PEI issued 69 Invitations through the Labour Impact and Express Entry PEI PNP Stream.

Canada Express Entry Program

Canada Express Entry program is for economic immigrants seeking permanent residence in Canada. People who have skills and Experience should select Canada Express Entry Pathway. Four components affect Invitations under Express Entry.

· Skilled Worker
· Skilled Trade
· Canadian Experience
· Provincial Nominee

There are successful immigration stories by Insurance Adjuster, Scientists, professors, and Business Analysts on Express Entry – Immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker. There are 3 different programs under the express entry:
1. Canadian Experience Class
2. Federal Skilled Worker Program
3. Federal Skilled Trades Program
To become a Canadian Permanent Residence through the Canada Express Entry stream, you should score a CRS greater than the cut-off threshold.


The total Candidates under the express entry pool were 243,255 as per IRCC on 11th January 2023. The minimum score to receive an ITA is 507. There are currently 2,37,755 profiles that are still in the express entry pool. The total number of candidates for CRS 491-500 is 3,141. If you are from one of these, you can work on your profile to enhance your CRS score to receive an ITA in the next express entry draw. The total number of candidates for CRS 0-300 is 5,469. If your profile matches the CRS score within this range, you should apply for a PNP through Express Entry Stream. If any province shows interest in your profile, you will get 600 additional points and become eligible to apply for Canadian PR.

Canada Immigration's latest updates

Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025

Before applying for the Canadian Immigration process, you should know the targeted invitations set by IRCC. Growing the economy, reuniting families, and providing asylum to refugees fleeing persecution abroad are among Canada's immigration objectives.

Job Vacancies in Canada

Canada is facing a vast Labour shortage. Provinces have their specific in-demand occupation list. There were 919,200 job vacancies in August 2021 and 958,500 vacant payroll employment positions in Canada in August 2022, which shows a 4.1% increment in jobs for immigrants.

Canada Immigration System is working on its backlog

Canada Immigration System is working with the federal government of Canada to make it reliable for new immigrants, which will be in the Canadian immigration inventory.

Frequently Ask Questions :

There is an online portal where you have to create an IRCC secure account, and from there, by filling in your details, your profile will enter the Express Entry Pool. But before applying, you should check your eligibility on an online CRS calculator. If you are eligible, you will get a personal reference code like MEXXXXXXXXXX (sample).

The minimum CRS varies on each express entry draw. On its #237th draw, it was 507, while on #236, it was 491.

You can contact me through the IRCC web form. Make sure to include the following:
● The problem you're having.
● What did you do when you faced the problem?
● The email address was given on IRCC secure account.
● Your unique client identifier and your application number, if available.

On average, the federal government announces the draw after 14 days. But as the latest draw was on 11th January 2023, it has taken more time than usual, so it can't be defined. If IRCC follows up the plan of 14 days, the next draw will be published near 25th January.