10 Things You Should Know Before Meeting Express Entry Approval For The First Time


Congratulations! If you have received Canada Permanent Resident (PR) status through the Express Entry program, you are now on the doorstep of a new life in Canada. This article will provide information about the documentation required to receive your PR and what to expect when you arrive in Canada. With the right preparation, you can confidently start your journey in Canada.
You will receive the following documents after Express Entry Approval through email.

COPR ( Confirmation of Permanent Residence) Canada
A Confirmation of Permanent Residence document is given to an immigrant once their application for permanent residence in Canada is approved. There is an immigration category printed on this document that defines you are immigrating to Canada as a PR or other application class (TRP, SV, PRTD, ARC, RHB)

Canada PR Visa
A PR visa, or Permanent Resident Visa, allows Canadian immigrants to travel to a nation and stay for a while in Canada.
The procedure is different for people already in Canada and outside Canada. While if an immigrant is living in Canada, most of the documentation can proceed virtually through email and phone.

prepare yourself after express entry approval

Documentation After Express Entry Approval:
Living in Canada

(1) Virtual Process: Confirmation of PR Status after Express Entry approval

Once your express entry application is approved, you must virtually confirm your PR status. The immigration system will confirm it through a secure online portal by connecting you using the email or phone number you provided.

(2) Email from cic.gc.ca for Permanent Residence Portal:

Immigrants get emails from a mail ending in cic.gc.ca, where you have to respond by confirming your email address and your physical presence in Canada.PR Residence portal is different from IRCC secure account portal. The immigration system creates accounts for immigrants. It would help if you did not create it until you are not instructed for it to prevent your Express Entry profile from uncertainty.

(3) Receive a PR Card after confirmation

The immigration system will make an e-COPR available to you through the portal after you are a permanent resident so you may show documentation of your new status in Canada. The immigration system also asks for a photo from you through this gateway to begin the process of generating your initial PR card.

Documentation After Express Entry Approval:
Living outside Canada

As if you are living in Canada, most of the procedures will be handled virtually by the Immigration department. However, if you are immigrating to Canada from any other country, you must prepare for the Interview process (including 2 rounds) and pay duty on bridging Goods to Canada.
Moving to a new country is a big decision and involves several steps. Canada is a welcoming nation and provides many opportunities for newcomers. PAIC will provide step-by-step instructions on what you must do before, during, and after you arrive in Canada. Moreover, it will provide you with all the necessary information to feel confident and prepared for your next step after express entry approval.

(1) Before you arrive in Canada

Welcome to Canada! As a newcomer to this beautiful country, the federal government understands that transitioning from your previous home may be difficult. That's why the Canadian Immigration System put together information about free pre-arrival services, living, and finding work in Canada - so you can start your new life in the best way possible. Team PAIC wants to ensure you are well-informed, so you can make the most of the fantastic opportunities Canada offers. Read on, and let's get started!

(2) When you arrive in Canada

Once you arrive in Canada, you will meet CBSA officers, who protect Canadians by preventing prohibited goods from entering Canada. When landing in Canada, it's essential to understand the document check process, which a CBSA Officer handles.

You will have to undergo two screening interviews after arriving in Canada. The process can be processed rapidly depending on the completeness of your documents.

First interview:

You must share all required documents with the Canada Border Services Agency ( CBSA ) Officer.Visa and Travel documents
Medical Certificate
Birth Certificate
Family documents (if applicable)
Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
Police certificate
Proof of funds and how much money you have at that time
Province where you are going to live in Canada

Second interview:

You must declare what you're bringing into Canada during the second meeting.

The list of items you carry while entering Canada and items that will arrive later must be provided to the CBSA officer. You will review both lists with the officer, who might have questions about some items.You'll have to pay duty on any item you bring (like some special equipment). There are some items you don't have to pay duty on (books, clothes, jewellery).After express entry approval, you can get a detailed study on duty pay on Goods in Canada.

(2) After you arrive in Canada

Moving to a new country is an exciting experience but can also come with many challenges. That's why Canada offers the Newcomers Guide, a tool to help you learn more about the country, the culture, and what to expect when you arrive. After getting PR in Canada, you should know the various settlement services available, the Welcome to Canada guide to help you get started, and the Living in Canada tool.


If your Express Entry application is approved