Express Entry Draw #258: Second French-Speaking Category-Based Draw


Express Entry Draw: #258
Total Number of Invitations: 3,800
Minimum CRS score required: 375
Date of Draw: 12th July 2023
Program Specified: French language proficiency (2023-1)

IRCC again issues an Express Entry draw specific to French Speaking professionals; the last immigration draw for Francophones was issued on 7th July, the #256th express entry draw. The immigration department has increased Invitations to Apply by 1,500, minimizing the C.R.S. score by 64 points.


From the above graph, we can measure that the Immigration Department is looking for more francophone applicants to enter Canada through an express entry pathway. The French-Speaking Category-Based Express Entry Draw allows Francophone individuals to showcase their language skills and qualifications. This Express Entry draw targets individuals with a solid French language command who possess the necessary skills and experience to develop the Canadian economy. If you have a CRS scored greater than 375, you will receive an Invitation to Apply for Canadian PR.

Francophone community in Canada:

Raphaƫlle Couratin:

In 2016, Raphaƫlle moved to Canada permanently with her partner Fabien from France with the thought of spending her life with snow, cold, and uncrowded ski trails to run with our dogs. He became a permanent resident of Canada, started living in northwest Canada's Yukon territory, and started her skills as a French teacher at the Yukon Montessori School.

However, Francophone communities exist in other provinces, such as New Brunswick, Ontario, and Manitoba. These communities contribute to the cultural diversity of Canada, enriching the country with their unique language, customs, and traditions. The Francophone community in Canada is an integral part of the country's multicultural identity, fostering a sense of unity and inclusivity among its citizens.

Express Entry Draw Conclusion:

It is the Fifth occupation-specific draw of 2023. This draw was explicitly for the French Speaking category and the 2nd French Speaking express entry draw.
On the #258th express entry draw, the Canadian immigration department sent 3,800 invitations to apply for new immigrants. Canada has invited 69,148 Express Entry candidates through the Express Entry program, including Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Class, and Skilled Trade Class until 12th July. Where 8,600 invitations are only for Category-specific express entry draws.