Express Entry Draw #276 | 1,000 Invitations For Trade Occupations

CRS score for latest express entry draw #276

Express Entry Draw: #276
Total Number of Invitations: 1,000
Minimum CRS score required: 425
Date of Draw: December 19, 2023
Program Specified: Trade occupations (2023-1)
Tie-breaking rule: November 04, 2023 at 11:16:58 UTC

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced its #276th Express Entry Draw for skilled workers specialising in a particular trade.

On December 19, 1,000 candidates received an Invitations To Apply from the Canadian government, where a candidate should score a minimum C.R.S. score of 425 or above. The candidate must have a valid job seeker validation code and Express Entry Profile number in Express Entry Pool.

The last express entry draw announced for trade occupation was August 3, 2023. Express Entry Draw #261 issued 1,500 invitations to apply where the minimum C.R.S. score required was 388. The latest express entry draw has increased the required C.R.S. score by 37 points, and 500 invitations have been reduced.

Which N.O.C. Codes received Invitations?

The official website has mentioned the selected trade workers with their National Occupational Classification (N.O.C.) codes so that the tradespeople can find the I.T.A. in their accounts.

The N.O.C. code identifies specific trade occupations within the Canadian National Occupational Classification (N.O.C.) system and lets the tradesmen know their TEER category within the Canadian labour market.

NOC Codes for trade occupation
NOC Codes For Trade Occupation Express Entry Draw
  • The National Occupational Classification (NOC) code is a requirement to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria of the Canadian Immigration Program.
  • NOC code helps IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) evaluate your abilities and work experience within the Canadian job market.
  • This helps IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) evaluate your abilities and work experience within the Canadian job market.

Check Eligibility Requirements for Trade Occupations

There are many opportunities for Trade workers in Canada. The Canadian government is committed to supporting skilled workers who specialize in a particular trade, typically involving manual labour and technical expertise.

The Canadian government has an immigration program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), particularly for international skilled trade workers looking to move to Canada permanently.

Minimum requirements

To be eligible, you must meet all the minimum requirements

  • Must have relevant work experience (at least two years of full-time work experience) in a particular trade.
  • Must have a valid Job Seeker validation code or certificate of qualification by Canadian authority.
  • Must match the language requirement (CLB / NCLC)

It would be better to go through the official Canadian immigration website before applying for the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

The Canadian immigration minister has updated the express entry system, and IRCC has started category-based express entry draws. For Trade Occupations, two specific draws have been announced on 3rd August and 19th December.

Ontario New Opportunities for Trade workers

This tweet was recently published by MPP David Smith | Member of the Provincial Parliament - Ontario.
The provincial government of Ontario has signed agreements with major energy companies from France, the United Kingdom, and COP28, focusing on the province's nuclear energy sector and its potential to address global energy demands.

International trade workers would get more invitations in upcoming express entry draws to leverage this expertise for international cooperation and Canada's economic growth.

Last 2 Express Entry Draws for Trade Occupation

Draw Date Immigration Program Total Invitations CRS cut-off
276 December 19, 2023 Trade occupations (2023-1) 1,000 425
261 August 3, 2023 Trade occupations (2023-1) 1,500 388

Trade Occupation express entry draw
Trade Workers Express Entry Draws 2023

The above graph shows a growing demand for skilled trade workers in Canada, as evidenced by the two Express Entry draws specifically targeted trade occupation groups in 2023. The increasing CRS cut-off score also indicates that the competition for Canadian PR among trade workers is becoming more intense.


Most of the Canadian provinces are experiencing a shortage of skilled trade workers. If you are looking for a province for a job offer, you can apply for any Ontario, British Columbia or Alberts. The provincial government will provide additional points if you have enrolled in any trade occupation certification programs.

Of course, the immigration minister of Canada has updated the draws category and trade occupation is one of these draws. You have to check if you are qualified for the Federal Skilled Workers Program and have maintained a minimum CRS score required to receive an ITA before you can apply.

The Last Express Entry Draw for trade occupation was held on August 3, 2023, where 1,500 invitations were issued with a minimum CRS score of 388.