Express Entry Draw #266 | Fourth French-Speaking Category-Based Draw

Express Entry Draw 266

Express Entry Draw: #266
Total Number of Invitations: 500
Minimum CRS score required: 472
Date of Draw: 27th September 2023
Program Specified: French language proficiency (2023-1)

IRCC has issued its #266th Express Entry Draw to French-speaking professionals. It is the 4th time IRCC has issued a French Speaking Category based draw.The last Express Entry draw #260, was held on 2nd August, where 800 invitations were sent with a minimum C.R.S. score of 435.

Thirty-seven points have increased the C.R.S. score from the last French-speaking category-based express entry draw.

Recent Express Entry Draws Report (No Program Specified)

Express Entry Draw Date Immigration Program Total Invitations CRS cut-off
#256 07-07-23 French language proficiency (2023-1) 2300 439
#258 12-07-23 French language proficiency (2023-1) 3,800 375
#260 02-08-23 French language proficiency (2023-1) 800 435
#266 27-09-23 French language proficiency (2023-1) 500 472

Key Findings From Express Entry Draws for French Language Proficiency

Entry Express Draw For French Speaking Category

The graph shows that the number of French-language proficiency Express Entry draws has declined over the past few months. In July, there were two draws, with 6,100 invitations issued. In August, there was only one draw (French Speaking Proficiency) with 800 invitations issued; in September, IRCC issued one draw for Francophone skilled workers.

The C.R.S. cut-off score for French-language proficiency Express Entry draws has also increased over the past few months. In July, the C.R.S. cut-off score was 375, with its lowest score. In August, it was 435, and now, in September, the C.R.S. score is at its highest with 472.


The decline in the number of French-language proficiency Express Entry draws, and the increase in the C.R.S. cut-off score suggest that it is becoming more difficult for candidates to be selected through this program. This could be due to a number of factors, such as increased competition from other candidates, changes in government policy, or economic conditions.

If we look for the Ontario draw held on 7th September, we found that the minimum C.L.B. score required is 7 for applicants applying through the French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream.

Despite the challenges, French language proficiency is still valuable for candidates interested in immigrating to Canada. Candidates proficient in French are eligible for a number of benefits, such as additional points under the Express Entry system, priority processing of their applications, and access to French-language services and resources.

More details can be found in the recent express entry draw for French language proficiency. Our immigration experts have discussed the Arrima Quebec stream, Francophone communities in Canada, and other significant details that will help you receive an I.T.A. from IRCC.

Express Entry Draw Conclusion:

This Category-based express entry draw was explicitly for the French Speaking category and the 4th French Speaking express entry draw. Canada has invited 85,448 Express Entry candidates through the Express Entry program, including Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Class, and Skilled Trade Class.

Per the last express entry draw on 27th September 2023, 7,400 French-speaking skilled workers have received an I.T.A. to apply for P.R.

If you are interested in immigrating to Canada and are proficient in French, you should still consider applying through the French-language proficiency Express Entry program. However, you should be aware that the competition for this program is high, and the C.R.S. cut-off score is increasing. It is essential to prepare your application carefully and ensure you have the highest possible C.R.S. score.