Latest Express Entry Draw 263 : 19th September 2023

Latest Express Entry Draw 263

Express Entry Draw: #263
Total Number of Invitations: 3,200
Minimum CRS score required: 531
Date of Draw: 19th September 2023
Program Specified: No Program Specified

IRCC has announced its #263rd express entry draw, where 3,200 invitations have been sent to express entry applicants with a valid express entry profile and a job seeker validation code. The minimum C.R.S. score required is 531.
35 points have increased compared to the last Express Entry Draw with no specific program (#262 Express Entry Draw).

Recent Express Entry Draws Report (No Program Specified):

Express Entry Draw Date Immigration Program Total Invitations CRS cut-off
257 11-07-23 No Program Specified 800 505
259 01-08-23 No Program Specified 2000 517
262 15-08-23 No Program Specified 4300 496
263 19-09-23 No Program Specified 3200 531
Entry Express Draw Invitations till 19th Sep 2023

As you can see, the number of invitations has varied from draw to draw, and the C.R.S. cut-off score has also fluctuated. The lowest C.R.S. cut-off score for the last 4 express entry draws was 496, which was for the draw that took place on August 15th. The highest C.R.S. cut-off score was 531 for the interest on September 19th.

It is important to note that the C.R.S. cut-off score is just one factor determining whether a candidate will receive an Invitation to Apply (I.T.A.). Other factors, such as the candidate's work experience, education, and language skills, are also considered.

If you are interested in immigrating to Canada through Express Entry, you can create a profile in the Express Entry pool. Once your profile is in the pool, you will be ranked against other candidates based on your C.R.S. score. The highest-ranked candidates will receive I.T.A.s and be invited to apply for permanent residence.

Latest Express Entry Draw Conclusion:

On the #263 express entry draw, the Canadian immigration department sent 3,200 invitations to apply for new immigrants. Canada has invited 81,948 Express Entry candidates through the Express Entry program, including the Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Class, Skilled Trade Class, and the new Category-based occupations.

Invitations are now being sent out for applications under the Express Entry system. This round of invitations includes invitations to apply to the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Canadian Experience Class (C.E.C.), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), and Provincial Nominee Program. This is an exciting opportunity for individuals looking to obtain permanent residence in Canada. Don't miss this chance to take the next step toward your immigration goals. Apply now through the Express Entry system and let PAIC assist you throughout the process.