Express Entry Draw: 2nd August 2023


Express Entry Draw: #260
Total Number of Invitations: 800
Minimum CRS score required: 435
Date of Draw: 2nd August 2023
Program Specified: French language proficiency (2023-1)

IRCC again issues an Express Entry draw specific to French Speaking professionals, the last immigration draw for Francophones was issued on 12th July, the #258th express entry draw. Sixty points have increased the C.R.S. score from the last French-speaking category-based express entry draw.

Express Entry Draw Date Immigration Program Total Invitations CRS cut-off
256 07-07-23 French language proficiency (2023-1) 2300 439
258 12-07-23 French language proficiency (2023-1) 3800 375
260 02-08-23 French language proficiency (2023-1) 800 435

French Language Specific Category Based Entr Draw

Key Findings From Express Entry Draws for French Language Proficiency

The C.R.S. cut-off score has been decreasing in recent draws. The number of invitations has also decreased, but not as significantly as the C.R.S. cut-off score. This suggests that there are a large number of qualified candidates with French language skills. If you are interested in immigrating to Canada through the Express Entry program and have strong French language skills, you may qualify for a lower C.R.S. cut-off score.

The decreasing C.R.S. cut-off score for the French language proficiency category is good news for candidates with these skills. It means that they may be able to immigrate to Canada with a lower overall score, which could make the process more affordable and less time-consuming. If you are a candidate with strong French language skills, Our immigration consultant at PAIC will encourage you to consider immigrating to Canada through the Express Entry program.

How Arrima can help Francophones for Canadian immigration:

  • If you are fluent in French, you will have a significant advantage in the Arima program. (allows skilled workers to immigrate to Canada)
  • Many jobs that are eligible for the program require French language skills.
  • Additionally, the Quebec government gives preference to Francophones in the immigration process.

If you are a skilled worker fluent in French, you may be eligible for the Arrima Quebec stream, which offers faster processing times and more opportunities for permanent residence.

Most Popular Francophone communities in Canada

Gatineau, Quebec: Gatineau is located across the Ottawa River from Ottawa and is the second-largest city in the province of Quebec. The city is home to a large Francophone population and is a popular destination for French-speaking immigrants.

circular 3d francophone communities graph

Sherbrooke, Quebec : A city in southern Quebec known for its French-language universities. The city is also home to several Francophone businesses and cultural organisations.

Saint-Boniface, Manitoba : Saint-Boniface is a city in Winnipeg, Manitoba, home to the largest Francophone community in the province. The city has several French-language schools, businesses, and cultural organisations.

Express Entry Draw Conclusion :
The 6th Category-based express entry draw was explicitly for the French Speaking category and the 3rd French Speaking express entry draw.

On the #260th express entry draw, the Canadian immigration department sent 800 invitations to apply for new immigrants. Canada has invited 71,948 Express Entry candidates through the Express Entry program, including Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Class, and Skilled Trade Class until 2nd August 2023, where 6,900 invitations are only for the French-speaking express entry category.


While the minimum language requirements for Express Entry may vary depending on the specific immigration program, a general rule of thumb is that higher C.L.B. levels lead to better chances of selection. For example, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, one of the three main economic immigration categories under Express Entry, typically requires a C.L.B. level 7 or higher. This demonstrates a high level of proficiency across all language skills, enabling individuals to interact comfortably and confidently in professional and social environments.With higher C.L.B. levels, individuals can showcase their language competence and increase their chances of securing employment in their desired field.

The minimum C.R.S. score required for the latest express entry draw is 435, while for the last draw, i.e. #258th EE draw, the C.R.S. cut-off was 375. So there is no static C.R.S. score.

There are multiple provinces where communities live in both languages: English as well as French. Still, if you are looking for the provinces where you can find the majority of French-speaking communities, these are the following:

  • Gatineau, Quebec
  • Sherbrooke, Quebec
  • Saint-Boniface, Manitoba
  • Moncton, New Brunswick