First French Speaking Category Based Draw


Express Entry Draw: #256
Total Number of Invitations: 2,300
Minimum CRS score required: 439
Date of Draw: 7th July 2023
Program Specified: French language proficiency (2023-1)

Are you a francophone dreaming of building a successful future in Canada? Canada has made its first announcement about Express Entry invites for French-speaking immigrants. On the 20th express entry draw 2023, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (I.R.C.C.) sent 2,300 ITAs where the minimum C.R.S. score required is 439, the lowest C.R.S. score of 2023.

ITA for last 5 express entry draw 2023

From the above graph image, we can see how Express Entry invitations are fluctuating in recent draws. On 7th July, I.R.C.C. sent 2,300 invitations to eligible express entry profiles under the French language proficiency program. I.R.C.C. conducted an online survey on 20th February 2023. This survey's primary purpose was to understand better the experience and obstacles faced by French-speaking or bilingual temporary residents.

It is the Fourth occupation-specific draw of 2023. This draw was explicitly for the French Speaking category. The French language is a vital element of the Canadian identity. Canada's Express Entry system now prioritizes French-speaking immigrants to strengthen French linguistic minority populations nationwide. Canada prioritizes Francophone immigration outside Quebec to boost economic growth and improve communities.

Opportunities for Francophones in Canada:

Canada, known for its cultural diversity and bilingualism, offers endless opportunities for francophones. With its strong commitment to promoting French language skills and cultural integration, Canada has become an ideal destination for those seeking new beginnings and career growth.
At Paul Abraham Immigration Consulting, we understand francophone individuals' unique needs and aspirations. Team P.A.I.C. has experienced consultants who specialize in providing comprehensive immigration services for francophones in Canada. Our Immigration Experts are dedicated to helping you navigate the complex immigration process and maximize your chances of success.

Francophone community in Canada:

Canada is officially bilingual, recognizing English and French as official languages. This recognition has allowed the Francophone community to flourish, with French-speaking Canadians residing in various provinces and territories. The province of Quebec, where French is the primary language used by the majority of its citizens, has the highest concentration of Francophones. However, Francophone communities exist in other provinces, such as New Brunswick, Ontario, and Manitoba. These communities contribute to the cultural diversity of Canada, enriching the country with their unique language, customs, and traditions. The Francophone community in Canada is an integral part of the country's multicultural identity, fostering a sense of unity and inclusivity among its citizens.

French-Speaking students in Canada:

For francophone students, Canada offers exceptional educational opportunities. With world-class universities and colleges nationwide, you can pursue your academic dreams while immersing yourself in a vibrant French-speaking community. Team P.A.I.C. can provide valuable guidance on how to get a Canada study visa and what they are required for a Canadian scholarship, which will help you for your educational journey in Canada.

Express Entry Draw Conclusion:

On the #256th express entry draw, the Canadian immigration department sent 2,300 invitations to apply for new immigrants. Canada has invited 61,700 Express Entry candidates through the Express Entry program, including Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Class, and Skilled Trade Class until 7th July. Where 4,800 invitations are only for Category-specific express entry draws.