Latest Express Entry Draw 270 | French Language Proficiency

express entry draw 270 for french speaking professionals

Express Entry Draw: #270
Total Number of Invitations: 300
Minimum CRS score required: 486
Date of Draw: 25 October 2023
Program Specified: French Language Proficiency

IRCC has issued its #270th Express Entry Draw to French-speaking professionals. It is the 5th time IRCC has issued a French Speaking Category based draw.

When was the last French language proficiency Express Entry Draw?

Express Entry Draw #266 was the last express entry draw specifically for French-speaking professionals on 27 September 2023.

Express Entry CRS threshold increased from the last draw?

Yes, there is an increment of 14 points from the last category-based express entry draw. From the previous 5 draws, we can measure that whenever IRCC lower the number of Invitations, the C.R.S. score increases since each province wants to nominate the best candidate.

Which Canadian province would be best to select for moving to Canada as a Francophone?

Quebec is the first choice for French-speaking professionals in Canada, while Outside Quebec, New Brunswick stands out as Canada’s only officially bilingual province.

Ontario has recently issued Invitations to international skilled workers through Ontario’s Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Workers stream, where the minimum C.R.S. score range was 348-434.

Suppose you want to move to Canada permanently and scored high in any French language Test (T.E.F. Canada or T.C.F. Canada). In that case, you can find the best immigration programs for French-speaking communities.


This bar graph shows the number of invitations and the CRS cut-off for French Language Proficiency Express Entry Draws in 2023.

Dates of the draws for French language proficiency Express Entry Draws :

  1. 25th October (Express Entry Draw #270)
  2. 27th September (Express Entry Draw #266)
  3. 2nd August (Express Entry Draw #260)
  4. 12th July (Express Entry Draw #258)
  5. 7th July (Express Entry Draw #256)

The highest number of invitations was on 12th July 2023 with 3,800 invitations, while the lowest number of invitations was on October 25, with just 300 invitations. The CRS cut-off for these draws are ranging from 375-486.

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