Express Entry Draw: 2th February 2023 (Fourth Draw of 2023)


Express Entry Draw: 2023 latest figures, history & analysis

#240 Express Entry draw has announced a total of 3,300 Invitations on 02-02-2023.Under this draw, the Canada Express Entry system has sent invitations to apply to eligible candidates under the Federal Skilled Program.
As the Canadian immigration system has already described, Canada will focus on skilled workers to overcome Labour shortages in Canada. The Federal Skilled Worker programme was the 240th express entrance draw's intended significant focus.The federal government has targeted more than 3 Million people to become permanent residents in Canada; meanwhile, 15,193 candidates have received Invitation To Apply in 2023.

Express Entry Draw #240 Analysis

In January, the Immigration system has not identified any specific program for express entry draws, but in recent 2 express entry draws Immigration system has defined particular express entry streams. (PNP and FSWP)
#240th express entry draw primarily focused on the Federal Skilled Worker program
, and the #239th express entry draw was for candidates eligible for the enhanced PNP program. The Candidate should have a minimum CRS score of 489.

Express Entry Eligibility Criteria for Federal Skilled Worker Program

To become eligible under the Federal skilled worker program, you should have a continuous paid work experience in a particular skill, you have selected on your immigration application.As a skilled federal worker, you must have experience in 1 of the following NOC TEER categories:


You must demonstrate that you carried out the responsibilities outlined in the primary declaration of the occupational category in the NOC.

Six selection factors for Federal Skilled Worker Program:

Canada is looking for potential immigrants who can bring a diverse range of skills and experiences. The Federal Skilled Worker Program has been designed to assess and target skilled immigrants who have the potential to succeed in the Canadian job market and who can contribute to its communities and help build a strong economy. The program considers six selection factors, each with its maximum points, and assigns a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. Those applicants with the highest scores have the best chance of success when applying for the FSW program.

Selection FactorsMaximum Points
Language28 Points
Education25 Points
Work Experience15 Points
Age12 Points
Valid job offer from a Canadian employer10 Points
Adaptability10 Points

PNP Draws for Federal Skilled Workers

Manitoba Draws for Skilled Worker:

On 26-Jan-2023, Manitoba sent 253 LAAs for the Skilled Worker stream, where the minimum score required to get eligible was 726. To apply as a Federal Skilled Worker program under Express Entry, you should have a valid Express Entry profile number and job seeker validation code.

British Columbia draws for Skilled Workers:

In the recent draw in the month of January 2023, British Columbia issued multiple invitations for the Following:

Occupation NOC Code
Tech workers21231, 21232
Childcare workers42202
Healthcare workers33102, 33103
Other primary occupations31103, 32104

Ontario Human Capital Priority stream for Federal Skilled Worker Program:

As the most populated province in Canada, Ontario is committed to welcoming international immigrants to its vibrant and diverse population. One of the principal approaches the Ontario Provincial Government enables to make this feasible is their Express Entry Human Capital Priorities circulation and Federal Skilled Workers Program, which goal immigrants with a focal point on presenting welcoming and inclusive surroundings.


As with the 4th Express Entry draw of 2023, 3,300 ITAs have been issued under the federal skilled worker program. 3rd Express Entry Draw was explicitly for the Provincial Nominee Program. The next possible express entry draw is for International workers who have previous work experience in Canada and are eligible under Canadian Experience Class or Federal Skilled Trade program.