Latest Express Entry Draw 264 | Transport Occupations

Express Entry Draw 264

Express Entry Draw: #264
Total Number of Invitations: 1,000
Minimum CRS score required: 435
Date of Draw: 20th September 2023
Program Specified: Transport occupations (2023-1)

The Big News for International Transport Workers from IRCC

It is the first Transport Occupation-specific draw of 2023. In May 2023, the immigration department of Canada announced a major update for Express Entry and started a category-based express entry draw. These categories have been divided into 2 parts: the first one is French language-specific, and the second one is occupation-specific (including healthcare, STEM, transport and Agriculture ).

This week, on 18th September 2023, Canada introduced a new selection process for immigrants with work experience in the transportation industry. This is the first time that category-based invitations are being offered to transportation workers.

Recent Express Entry Draws Report (No Program Specified):

Date Immigration Program Total Invitations CRS cut-off
06-07-23 Healthcare occupations 1500 463
07-07-23 French language proficiency 2300 439
12-07-23 French language proficiency 3800 375
02-08-23 French language proficiency 800 435
03-08-23 Trade occupations 1500 388
20-09-23 Transport occupations 1000 435

Entry Express Draw Invitations till 20th Sep 2023

Key Findings From Latest Category-Based Express Entry Draws

The C.R.S. cut-off scores for category-based draws have been relatively low, ranging from 375 to 463. This is likely because fewer candidates are eligible for each particular category targeted in the draw.

There have been more draws for French language proficiency than for any other category. This suggests that Canada is prioritising the immigration of French-speaking workers. The most recent draw was for transport occupations. This suggests that Canada is also interested in attracting skilled workers in this sector.

Consider entering the Express Entry pool if you are eligible for any of the categories in the table. Even if your C.R.S. score is low, you may still have a chance of being invited to apply for permanent residence through a category-based draw.

You can also improve your chances of being invited by increasing your C.R.S. score. For example, you can improve your English or French language skills, gain more work experience, or get a job offer from a Canadian employer.

Express Entry Program for Transport workers:

IRCC Twitter Post for transport workers
Source: @CitImmCanada

As per the above post from the official account of IRCC, the Immigration Department of Canada has already announced that in the upcoming week, IRCC will issue the next express entry draw for commercial truck drivers, pilots, aircraft assembly workers and other transportation workers.

To get your profile eligible for the express entry program, you should match the following criteria:

  • At least six months of full-time work experience, or the equivalent of part-time work, in one of the transport occupations listed by IRCC.
  • The candidate should undertake the acts stated in the lead statement for the occupation as set out in the National Occupational Classification occupational descriptions during their work experience as a transport worker.
  • Their job experience included all necessary activities and many of the primary duties of the occupation as described in the National Occupational Classification.

What are In-demand skilled Transport Occupations in Canada?

Job list for transport occupation draw #264
Source: Ministerial Instructions For Express Entry #264

Some in-demand skilled transport occupations in Canada include truck drivers, delivery drivers, bus drivers, airline pilots, locomotive engineers, and ship captains. These occupations play a crucial role in the transportation industry. They are in high demand due to the growing economy and the need for efficient movement of goods and people across the country.

The demand for qualified transport experts is likely to increase in the upcoming years, generating plenty of work possibilities for those with the relevant skills and qualifications.