Express Entry Draw #278 | 400 Invitations For Agriculture and Agri-food occupations Occupations

Express Entry Draw #278 Inviations and C.R.S, score

Express Entry Draw: #278
Total Number of Invitations: 400
Minimum CRS score required: 386
Date of Draw: December 21, 2023
Program Specified: Agriculture and agri-food occupations (2023-1)
Tie-breaking rule: July 06, 2023 at 05:44:14 UTC

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced its #278th Express Entry Draw, where 400 invitations have been issued for workers showing interest in Agriculture and agri-food occupations.

The Latest Express Entry Draw issued Invitations To Apply (ITA) to a candidate with a C.R.S. score of 400 or above. More than six months of full-time experience in a relevant field will increase your chances of getting an I.T.A. from the Canadian Immigration System.

The last express entry draw announced for Agriculture and agri-food occupation was September 28, 2023. Express Entry Draw #267 issued 600 invitations to apply where the minimum C.R.S. score required was 354. The invitations have been decreased, and the required C.R.S. score has an increment of 28 points.

Some Main duties for Agriculture and agri-food occupations Workers

As of 2021, Canada has roughly 62.2 million hectares (153.6 million acres) of agricultural land, representing about 6.2% of the country's total land area.
Agricultural service contractors, farm supervisors and other similar occupations play crucial roles in ensuring farms' smooth operation and success.

  • Livestock breeding, soil preparation, crop planting and harvesting, spraying and pest control, irrigation management, and more.
  • Performed routine maintenance of agriculture equipment and operated various agricultural machinery safely and efficiently.
  • Contractors must be adaptable, resourceful, and able to adjust their plans and methods as needed.

Invitations for Agriculture and agri-food occupations Workers

With the latest express entry draw 278, IRCC has mentioned 3 National Occupational Classification unit group codes and Occupation titles, which have received an Invitation to Apply (I.T.A.). There are various occupations under these 3 Unit Groups.

To find your occupation in the agriculture unit group, visit N.O.C. Codes for Agriculture field and look for occupation titles, employment requirements, main duties and other essential details.

NOC Codes For Agriculture and Agri-Food Occupation
NOC Codes For Agriculture and Agri-Food Occupation

If you completed any of the Bachelor's or Master's covering topics like organic farming, soil health management, integrated pest management, precision agriculture, and renewable energy sources in agriculture or a similar course/degree and have relevant experience in a similar field, keep checking your profile in Express Entry Pool.

Recent Express Entry Draws for Agriculture and Agri-food Occupations

Draw Date Immigration Program Total Invitations CRS cut-off
278 December 21, 2023 Agriculture and Agri-food Occupations (2023-1) 400 386
267 September 28, 2023 Agriculture and Agri-food Occupations (2023-1) 600 354

As per the Canadian Agricultural Human Resources Council (CAHRC) , Job vacancies have rapidly grown in the Canadian agriculture field.
In the last five years, jobs in primary agriculture industries have increased from 7.5% to 15.9%, and food processing has increased to 5.8%, which was 1.9% in 2015.

Agriculture express entry draw
Agriculture Workers Express Entry Draws 2023

The above chart suggests more competition for places in the latest Express Entry Draw 278 than 267 since the minimum C.R.S. score required is increased from the last draw with fewer invitations.

The Canadian government is looking for more expert immigrants for the country's economic growth. As the competition is getting tough to get an I.T.A. from IRCC, you should be looking to increase your C.R.S. points.

To increase your C.R.S. point, you can work on language skills (increase language score), apply with more than one year of experience, get a certification from the provincial government, and get a job offer from a Canadian employer.


Yes, this draw was a category-based express entry draw specifically for Agriculture and agri-food occupations. The last draw for agriculture and agri-food occupation was held on September 28, 2023.

Unit group 63201, 82030 and 82031 are invited to apply for this express entry draw. Multiple occupations include meat cutters and fishmongers, farm machinery operators, and harvesting labourers. Suppose your occupation should be mentioned in this draw. In that case, you can get an I.T.A. with a general express entry draw with having the minimum required C.R.S. score.

Yes, The Agri-Food Pilot helps address the labour needs of the Canadian agri-food sector. The pilot provides a pathway to permanent residence for experienced, non-seasonal workers in specific industries and with specific occupations. Before applying, you must check eligible industries, eligible occupations, language requirements, settlement funds, and other necessary details.